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Environmental & Sustainable Development

Green exhibitions

Online Exhibitor Manuals


Printed Exhibitor Manuals have been steadily eliminated from our trade shows; the majority of shows are 100% online, the remaining events have greatly reduced their print numbers. This also means that all order forms sent to contractors, venues and suppliers are online as well.

Printed Show Directories/Visitor Guides & Promotional Material

The quantity of pre-show material produced is being constantly reviewed, along with the actual weight of the materials printed and mailed.  Electronic communications are being used wherever possible, with almost 17 tonnes of printed promotional material being eliminated in Asia in 2011.



The use of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper and recycled paper is being increasingly used for Show Directories and Visitor Guides, along with the use of environmentally-friendly inks (soy/vegetable-based/environmentally-certified) which have been used in Hong Kong since 2010.




Working with our stand contractors and carpet suppliers, we have introduced 100% recyclable carpet at our Hong Kong trade shows. We are now working to introduce this recyclable product at other Asian events. In addition, we have also decided at selected events to eliminate aisle carpeting completely as part of our environmental campaign.
Exhibitor & Visitor Badges

In cooperation with our appointed registration company, we have completely eliminated the use of plastic badge holders at selected events.  A recycled plastic badge holder is being used at other events.

Stand Heights
  Material used in the construction of raw space stands is one of the biggest sources of exhibition waste – our events across Asia are working towards reducing raw space stand heights, with some events in Hong Kong and China now having a maximum height limit of 3m, resulting in less raw material being used, then disposed of (and lower heights also make for safer working conditions).
Web Development Support

We are making more extensive use of our multi-lingual email broadcast system to reduce the amount of printed material. We also open our e-Invitation system to exhibitors and encourage them to send electronic invitations of our shows to their buyers.

Green offices

Reduce use of paper


We encourage our staff to use recycle paper for printing internal documents and receiving faxes. We also share documents via online systems and shared drives to reduce the necessity of printing them out.

Reduce emission of carbon dioxide and heat
  Working together with the office proprietor, we encourage smart-casual wearing at office, which allows higher temperature and reduces the carbon dioxide and heat produced by air conditioners. 
Save electricity
  We remind our staff of turning down their computers and lights when leaving the office to prevent waste of electricity.

Green alliances

Alliance with industry association 


In Hong Kong, UBM Asia initiated the foundation of an Environmental Committee within the Hong Kong Exhibition & Convention Industry Association (HKECIA).
Alliance with venues and contractors

We work with the venues used to have more permanent signage options and less banners, and to reduce waste on-site and to improve recycling rates; with contractors to try and use more environmentally friendly and reusable materials, and to reduce the amount of material used.

Alliance with sister companies and branch offices

We are sharing information with our colleagues in sister companies and are trying to adopt best practice across our respective shows; in Asia we will use advances made in Hong Kong head office to introduce to our other offices.